Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What is cholesterol?

Sometimes it is important for your body cholesterol is not all evil as they say it keeps the cells and helps the secretion of several hormones, but the bad reputation that has stuck to him made people afraid of just hear the word without even know the meaningHere we explain the meaning of cholesterol and why stuck by a notorious reputation due to that when the body begins the process of digestion is not mixed with fat with water where floating above the mix mixed in the stomach so feel human fullness after eating, especially if they overeat and then move food into the intestines in preparation for absorption into the body and because fat is a tyrant Valchollstrul needs to cover the protein soluble in water and other materials to walk in the blood and when you get fat on the fatty acid goal lipoprotein, which is low-density, it conveys cholesterol to cells and this is called cholesterol low, and when we increase the amount of fat and become density cholesterol higher after interaction in the liver becomes human exhibition of heart disease where weaves cells fat is deposited cholesterol on the arterial wall to mix with oxygen in the blood and be clots Hence and because cholesterol double-edged sword has called doctors utter cholesterol friend, and cholesterol enemyIt is recommended not to increase the proportion of fat in the human diet daily to 35% of the fat in general

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