Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Template white rice - Christmas meals

2 cups rice - a cup of peas - 2 cups onions - half a kilo of chicken breasts - tablespoon ketchup - Refundable - chicken broth - Herbs - 4 eggs - a cup of milk - margarine
Wash rice and soak for half an hour and then filtered from the soaking water and stir in spices
Cut chicken breasts into small pieces and washed and dried and season with Eatchab recovered and left swings for 5 minutes
Ichouh chopped onion until yellows to color, then add the peas and volatility for 5 minutes then placed the chicken breasts after Chouh
In addition for everyone Alerzoiklb then add 2 cups water and broth cube left to impregnate and subside fire until the rice is cooked
Painted template margarine and cut the rice, chicken and peas mature and settled surface
Beat eggs with spices and add milk and poured over rice and enters the oven until imbued cooked eggs
Stir template outlines and serve hot with salad shall be a complete meal.

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