Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quick Tips for reasons crying baby

Child may cry for several reasons, including:
Hunger: be because of delays in the time breastfeeding or not taking adequate lactation, treatment is to give the child adequate lactation
Thirst: be due to the hottest body and sweating, treatment is to take the child to the water
Difficulty breastfeeding: not to take the child sufficient amount of milk from the breast, treatment is to change the location of the child during breastfeeding
Colic: twisted S legs on the abdomen during crying, treatment: put bladders warm towel wrapped the baby's abdomen
Teething: child that cries for long periods of time, treatment: is to give the child teething toys intended for
Diseases membership: the emergence of high temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, symptoms of colds or the flu, treatment: that displays the child to a doctor immediately

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