Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Grilled meat pies - Christmas meals

Cup flour - tablespoon butter - egg - a small pack yogurt - Bethlehem Masj - parsley - Nuts - raisins - Herbs - a cup of milk - spoon Corn Flower
Sift the flour and add the butter and stir well, then knead the dough scrambled eggs, yogurt and leave to ferment and then the uniqueness of the dough and cut as desired units in One Size Fits All
Stir meat Almasj with parsley and spices, nuts and raisins on the fire, stuffed with every one of the pancakes and closed and repeat the process until it is finished the amount
Of the amount of boiling water and placed it Alaftyrat to mature and compact in oven dish
Boil milk with spices and add Alcorn Flower dissolved in water and stir until boiling
Pour it on pancakes and cut butter
Enters the oven for ten minutes and outlines and offers

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