Monday, December 24, 2012

Beauty during sleep

You can wake up Vtgdan your face has increased beautiful and brighterHow beautiful you are during your sleep or how the sleep periods Tstghlin to be a contributing factor to increase your beauty and Ronqk?The first of these steps is the peace of mind it is known that the body works through the night to restore vitality and activity to all its cells again damaged them so you need to learn a few steps enables you to get beauty during sleep and this is very simple and will not take you any effortVoices sleep:For eliminate Alchkhir:Dangle well before going to sleep and drink a cup of herbal tea is very useful and helps to relax, especially if the component of chamomile and mintExercise helps to relax the muscles and improve the performance of the respiratory system, especially if you could be performed on a regular basisIf you suffer there is no light in the room So try to use a black eye mask to give you calm and relaxed and helps you sleepYour choice of pillow health makes it easy for you to sleep Pacific If you to Atcharin comfortable pillow and one Vejreby that authors Mkhaddtin and Strive to be under the head and neck so as not to cause sleep error in any sounds during sleep
8 steps before going to sleep1 - Face:Put a layer of cream with the work of massage by your fingers and begin Balkhaddan by a massage in a circular motion in the direction from the inside out so as not to show any wrinkles or you may be violent during this massage so as not Tlhby skin and remember that the skin renews its cells during the night and decent nutritious gives tenderness and softness wanted2 - to the eye:Massage the area around the eye and Kony is very keen while because the skin in this area is very thin, Vday simple touches of the Quran in the direction from the outside to the inside and quietly so Zbby no wrinkles distort the appearance of your face3 - Mascara:Eyelashes very important part shows the beauty of your eyes and take care of it is importantAnd often neglect it simple so you can massage by Karim feeder area taking into account the eye lashes do not even penalized preferably Quran which contains medical Vaseline is meaningful and at the same time does not hurt the eye4 - rouge:Use a good cream peeling type to remove any dead cells on the lips may be present and then Put a layer of the cream or cocoa butter-fed this sponsor by giving form soft thin5 - Hand:Hand Care is very important during the night Vaguslehma thoroughly with water warm soap and Loew rough to remove any dead cells then Ajaffaha well by the towel then Put a layer rich cream, and if you suffer from a skin coarse significantly Vday hands inside gloves after applying the cream, it works on the speed of absorption Karim making your hands seem beautifully and quickly6 - for the body:When you take to the bathroom daily dangle inside the bathtub for at least five minutes in warm water is helps you to relax and unwind especially the muscles will feel comfortable quickly and preferably put drops of essential oils or liquid soap private bath It gives the skin softness and smell aromatic favorite7 - Hair:Give your hair a little comfort during sleep do not try to be grown by a hair wrapped around the rollers, but for in your hair ponytail back then wore a hat to sleep or Shawls light, that is not going to change the shape of your hair at the same time will relieve him of screwing on the virgin for a long time8 - for the feet:Do a bath for the feet and it Bodahmavy warm water for a quarter of an hour it helps to smooth the skin and then dried well by towel own, and if you suffer from the presence of any inflammatory Vday ointment therapist for them then Dlkehma cream nutritious special Balkaaban then donned a drink to warm the feet That helps Karim absorption and makes feet Naamtin JamiltinThe best ways to sleep:Best way to sleep is to lie on the back with a head on a pillow, comfortable with high back support part of the Wanger That will help you sleep Pacific, which will make you more beautiful.



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