Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hottest children and methods of treatment

With the advent of summer show many diseases, mostly accompanied by a rise in temperature which is what bothers most mother because the high temperature of the body, particularly in summer, with the air temperature can lead to cramps and other so if the mother did not act the right thingThe reasons are many, such as gastroenteritis, meningitis or pneumoniaCan also be diseases due to viruses such as the roles of the cold and the parotid gland and otherSo their mouth very well be the mother always vigilant, what to notice that her child (not exact) means (Madruch) or sleep increase or Aaokl eat normal, it must begin to measure the temperature if found high you will know that there is a reason behind this riseIf you do not find other symptoms associated with the rise in temperature it can be used Reducers and waiting wig 24 hours with monitoring of the evolution of the situation, and during this period if symptoms consult a doctor, as possible and after 6 hours of high temperature that the child starts vomiting or diarrhea so this is the beginning of the symptoms of the diseaseBut if used reducers heat but continued heat is high 24 hours without showing symptoms should consult a doctor immediately, do not wait for never more than this because it is possible that there will be things that are not clear, such as tonsillitis, while the child does not know complain with his inability to swallow and here can continue to heat and without any other symptomsAs for the symptoms that accompany the heat and the mother to rush to consult a doctor are:Vomiting a lot, or diarrhea, or cough or nominated, or headache or difficulty swallowing, or pain in the abdomenAnd possible mother to wait 24 hours before consulting a doctor if hyperthermia to Aissahabh symptoms than the previous ones, but if the heat continues to be high to go to the doctorThe compounds can be used Albarsatamol is one of the most Reducers that can be used, and there are other ways need to be used by the mother to reduce the heat, including:Compresses the snow on hot spots such as the head and the front if the hand or leg hot - but compresses assets First, the area to be heated and when the highest Compress it must wait until the back area Vtschen Vtaaud put new material, but not removed as then I put another immediately does not help to put Snow on counterparties, hands and legs if these parts coolWe can put the child in the room and without air currents and shut the door well and then begin to take off his clothes on the top half of his body then Ndlk chest, back and abdomen with alcohol or Elonya also helps to reduce heatBecause a young child does not assume and snow packs and the like, we can Nbll his head and forehead, face, neck, under ordinary water from the tap and then drain the half drying, and this also helps to reduce body heatTo never Annsah that put the whole child in cold water because it can be reversed roles cough or the common popular and sometimes pneumonia with heat




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