Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Solution to the problems of hair (full file)

If you suffer from frequent fat in your hair Fajtary right shampoo, which is devoid of fat taking into account wash hair more than once a week, it works to rid the hair of fat because it helps many fat in the skin and hair, so Take care of organizing your food because this helps to disappearance special problems hair, Khalsy your hair too fat in the middle of the week Panther amount of talcum powder and leave for a quarter of an hour, then used the brush to get rid of the final powder and this works on fat absorption of hair seems a nice cleanIf you suffer from dry hair فقومى replenishment and care in order to give it smoothness, choose a shampoo that enters in the composition of oil or cream in washing hair with sufficiency washed once a week and use the brush him daily before going to sleep, that this helps to strengthen the glands fat scalp, and took into account the work pools oil to your hair before shampooing, because this addresses the drought found it, and you can work pools of oil using any kind of oils in fat tufts of hair well, then for in your hair using a towel warm, that repeat your heating towel twice or three times, and then wash your hair thoroughly shampooed right, and remember that the public health care etched on your hair, food is balanced, which contains all the material needed by the body makes your hair beautifulIf your hair devoid of vital it is often due to fatigue or stress, cared for permission to your health in general, and multiply the intake of foods that contain a lot of protein, such as milk, meat, fish, eggs and cheese, these foods also contain vitamin B which is useful in such your case, as well as Take care of eating fresh vegetables and fruits, while avoiding foods that contain a lot of spices, and shepherd taking adequate sleep, with out in the fresh air and feed the hair careIf you suffer from the presence of cobalt in your hair must be the cause of this case, and the presence of cobalt is due to several reasons, including poor circulation in the scalp and anxiety, and in general can now treat peels simply especially if avoided using a comb and brush of others, and to constantly wash all things which تستعملينها for your hair at least once a week, Take care when using shampoo in washing your hair that Chtafah well after that because sometimes appear residue shampoo in the form of scales in the hair, and things which are useful for getting rid of cobalt as well as of vinegar to the water used to rinse hair after using the shampoo taking into account the scalp massage during the hair rinse, and sometimes peels may appear in the hair as a result of dry scalp significantly, so I have the oil pools work is the only cure for such a situationIf you notice loss of your hair, it is possible that due to several reasons, including those related to health and nerves, including those due to work indoors and not go out in the fresh air or not eating right, as well as the poor circulation in the scalp cause hair loss, Therefore Vivid like your work oil pools at the same time took into eating balanced out in the open air, and do some exercise with health care in generalIf you suffer from the appearance of hair divided by the parties or notice that your hair different nature after using the dye lot In this case you can be cured by working bathrooms oil before shampooing with the use of creams nutrients for hair always, but for the parties hair divided Vlahzy should go to hairdressing to cut meticulous manner, as well as Avoid the multiplication of the use of the dye in particular article depilatory for hair color because they help to dry hair significantly, and remember to use Alrollo hurt your hair in this case must then be replaced with type plastic, and when you wash your hair and dried shepherd to be temperature-dried medium because heat exaggerated damage your hair, and remember the importance of the cream fed the hair after shampooing


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