Sunday, December 16, 2012

Warning every mother and father

Insects ... Diseases threaten our childrenMust maintain children of household insects, whether crawling or plane, especially in the beginning of the growth Zera of the weakness of their immune diseases, which can acquire from these insects and comes flies on the list of these insects has been found that there is a fly certain is the primary conduit for eye diseases and called (Mascasorbn) and there on the back 4 terms but in the size and shape fly regular, carrying two types of bacteria and two (Astervto Cox and Stcleo Tux) and cause inflammation of the cornea and conjunctivitis spring and trachoma and conjunctivitis pus and these diseases increases the beginning of May until September, a period fertilization when flies, lack of health care for children especially in some villages and slums and crowded popular with the rise in temperature and the proliferation of garbage and birds and swamps and stagnant water, which spread even in upscale areasThe fly regular a less serious than the first and is called (Mascadomastica), a movement of many infectious diseases for children - Valzbabh regular per carry than a million to 6 million bacteria on either pores hair or legs and diseases caused by typhoid, yellow and Albrtyvod and gastroenteritis and diarrhea summer because they feed and feel free to dead animals and waste places contaminated detritus and animal dung, but that there are some places severe pollution can cause tuberculosis and choleraRisk of mosquitoes:Cause malaria and filariasis, also causes mosquito bites Rift Valley fever as a result of the accumulation of water in the banks and stagnant water and mesqa and breeding ponds, a citizen of this law and the idea of ​​the reason for increasing this law, even in the cities is the reservoirs at the top buildingsThe lice and Abbian transmitted through nurseries crowded slums and crowded transmitted these insects which transmit three diseases, including HIV (typhus) which is similar to feverThe cockroaches are the most dangerous types of insects infesting children Summer diarrhea as a result of gastroenteritis because they live down the sewers and carry in their wings and legs hundreds of harmful bacteria that lead in most cases if the food has been covered by our children have to gastroenteritisAnd do not forget that prevention is better than cure must maintain the continuous self-cleaning in our homesSo hygiene is the solution mother and father are role models for the children must focus on clean hands and nails when children constantly as the bathing Basalbon and shampoos and bathrooms daily, especially in summer with increased sweat and high temperatures reduce these symptoms Walt if neglected lead to insect and lice Abbian which infect skin and scalp inflammation which results in some wounds and develop into hotbeds Sididip if A child بنزعها of hair as a result of his hands dust pollutionThe insect flies and crawling insects, carrying millions of microbes on their wings and legs and cause many diseases including gastroenteritis, diarrhea, vomiting and Aldozntarya and other summer diseases in this case should be washed food, fruits and vegetables well with daily cleaning water and disinfectant, not chemicals or pesticides and in the case of a If diarrhea must speed to go to the doctor and give the baby a salt solution temporarily while determining the nature of the diseaseThe pain caused by bites mosquitoes and Albgat children something Hin if Makorn Heretic cases Artcara Leather and getting these cases among children in the summer or diagnosed a type of tuberculosis also bites mosquito with parking flies on children's eyes and that may affect the eyes of children inflamed conjunctiva due disease afford fly or mosquito and symptoms of this disease secretions watermark eye and can reach secretions Yellow In this case there will be injured or bacterial type of fungus that link to keratitis and should not neglect the family in such cases go to the eye doctor immediately in order to avoid these risks


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