Tuesday, December 18, 2012

inflammation pus Luz

The first symptoms are similar to the disease with inflammatory almondsValthab almonds happen in the period of the change of seasons any in the Spring and Autumn period and the inflammation Asididy of tonsillitis.And inflammation pus tonsillitis easy disease treatment, but treatment needs to be addressed in the child drink antibiotics for ten days so that it does not happen complications of this diseaseAnd complications caused by the mother's neglect in treatment and Atkml his treatment adjusted, or they give themselves an antibiotic without consulting a doctor or to give him a bottle of the antibiotic and content with or give counter for 3-4 days and then stopped because the child has improved, and this is a big mistake because microbe remains hiding in almonds, causing this to become almond chronic, well that works complications such as rheumatic fever and inflammation of the kidneys, while the child if taking treatment for ten full days we pure against these diseases, which affect the efficiency and performance in the community, Because rheumatic fever when they hit the child heart and affect its members make him a person is unable to be involved colleagues at play or in progress in the study or in the service of his family but is a barrier to the family of a material including entail expenses Khaso and injected penicillin must be taken every month, and all obstacles possible impact on the family and then the community

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