Friday, December 7, 2012

About your child's health

About your child's health - from day to day of the fourth monthAnd according to the rules of the growth of your baby is different in each month for the otherFirst month:This month the child cries a lot and suckle a little but many times, it sleeps for a period ranging between 12 to 14 hours a day, but sleep for ICON same depth throughout this period, Sleeping deep does not constitute only 30% of the total sleeping time and you'll notice that your son cries a lot, and so either be hungry or thirsty or tired or scared, as you might be crying in response to the psychological state of the mother, the child feels his mother always so Vmlagah mother to her baby and look in his face and talk to him, despite lack of understanding makes it quiet, and the bosom of mother allay the child while he feels pulses her heart These impulses are organized and on the same pace, making it restless, and more importantly, to get rid her mother of things bother him such as hunger and wetnessFor breastfeeding in this period Whether the child suckle naturally or from the bottle should the mother hugging him and Mlagath during lactation because of this relationship between the mother and the child most Ktheramen way breast itself, the end of the first month notice that look your child to things have changed and stare aimlessly turned into to look at things but has watched his eyes if they move as he runs his head a little in terms of soundSecond month:This month your baby starts to control the movements of the head and the growth in this month will be significant and the child becomes calmer and sleep quieter and suckle amounts more, as a child in the second month if put on the back, he holds his head in his hand and moves his feet as if he were riding a It is noticeable in this month that your child will begin to smile and he has some feelings will grow, can also distinguish the place and distinguish your voice from ambient sounds, and can also distinguish between certain types of behaviorThird month:The most important thing in this month that your baby's crying less frequently and respond baby with the community around it and can issue votes Stvhmin them that hungry so instead of crying, and this month you can will begin giving your child very small amount of solid food and be diluted with milk, and are expecting a week before she gives him another kind for the detection sensitivity of the child to any types of foods and allergies may seem on the vomiting is repeated whenever eating baby this food or may turn feces into softness and becomes a recurring or may seem rash on his skin and if there is sensitivity your child any food Oagafih immediately but not Tfajoy if vomited baby Most of the food When Atdhugah it because it is a new and you try again and watch it would cause him food allergy or notAs the child begins to taste the food in the third month, he also begins to play, and here to play a move the parties and follow moving objects and follow gazeFourth month:This month you can enter certain foods to your child's diet next lactation and easiest is wheat powder with milk and fruit juice, oranges, lemons and Tkonalbdaah small quantities of 1.5 cm and then increase by the child acceptYour son in this month begins in recognition to the outside world as you can Ajlash but backed by pillows or chair so specialBut the most important development in the fourth month in consideration of which has become equal to the consideration of adults


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