Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Summer diseases meningitis and meningitisIt is a Ann affects the meninges surrounding the brainThe child begins to complain of high fever with headache and accompanied by vomiting, then the child starts in the poise means the degree of awareness has (Mtbth), and it is important in this disease that is early diagnosis because early diagnosis is given cure rate is very high, and without any complications, but if delayed problems diagnosed Here occur is like any other microbe can cause any other disease such as pneumonia, for example, but early diagnosis is very helpful in treatmentAs for the reason of injury: is an infection source for a sick child and you and his mother Banzalh to school or to the nursery before the completion of healing Aftava child is a source of infection for other children, they're sitting together and playing together and all of them as a young kid to imperceptible that he should not approaching the patient, while the patient coughs and sneezes in the face this way and thus occur injuryAs for the reason injured adults: the same thing before, considering that this disease affects communities, for example, when the family's large living five or ten people in one room, or exist a large number of students in one semester, the proportion of injury is high, and diseases are transmitted from one person to another easilyAnd benefit child immunization against certain types of microbes that cause meningitis, but not allThe patient needs to be admitted to hospital for treatment, because he needs to give him antibiotics intravenously as needed for about ten days

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